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CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know | Smashing Coding.


Noteworthy: Photoshop CS6 Creative Cloud Update December 2012 – Awesome “NEW” features!

Noteworthy:  Photoshop CS6 Adobe Creative Cloud Members now have some pretty awesome features available via the most recent software update this December 2012.

In a nutshell, here’s what has been enhanced, improved, or added new that will certainly make your lives easier and fall in love with Photoshop all over again, or more!

  • Liquify is now available as a “Smart Filter”, which means is now non-destructable and can be easily edited by just a double-click of your filter in its layer form.
  • Blur Effects is now available as a “Smart Filter” which means is now non-destructable and can be easily edited by just a double-click of your filter in its layer form.  And this can also be applied to videos clips in PS.
  • Creating Actions now allows you to create what Adobe is calling “conditional actions”.  Simply means that you can now tell the action “if” my images is horizontal do the following…. but “if” my image is vertical do this following step instead…. etc.  You can now create a new action that can be applied to different type of images by adding “conditional rules” to that action.
  • Cropping Tool now allows you visibly see and add your preferred image “resolution”:  Available at the top bar next to width and height.  Also, you can now crop the top image of out of grouping layers if that’s what your heart desires.
  • Photoshop now can generate CSS*:  New feature added in Photoshop for Web Designers.  When you design any website in Photoshop, you can now “right-click” on any layer and select “Copy CSS” then bring that Photoshop generated css to your css file and paste it.  Then view it via your browser to see the updated change.  The best part about this new feature is that it works on both individual layers and/or group layers.  (ie.  if you’re using Edge Code, as your coding editor remember that it only works in connection with Google Chrome Browser)  I’m in LOVE with this new feature!
  • Swatches* now allows you to upload swatches from a pre-existing “css file swatches” you may have used in a previous website design.  This is ideal or great if you loved the colors you previously used in another site and want to have those same colors available, just upload those css file swatches.
  • Character Panel now allows you toset the default styles for new documents”.  Lets say you always use Header and Footer (like most do in web design)  Now, you can save these two styles as your “new document default styles”–saves lots of time!
  • 3D Panel now has the new ability to use 32 color.  This allows you to enhance or light an object just turn on the illuminate effect in layer panel.
  • Retina Display is now compatible.  If you could not see in previous versions of Photoshop Cs6 an image at 100% view without having to scroll or move that image around, now you will with the new retina display compatibility.

If you want to see how these new features work in application, click on the link below to watch the video tutorial by Terry White, of Adobe.  Or simply watch the embedded video tutorial in this post.

Photoshop CS6 Creative Cloud Update December 2012 – What’s New? | Creative Suite Podcast: Photographers | Adobe TV.

Article credit: Adobe & Terry White of Adobe

Daily Tip: How to Find Out What WordPress Theme a Site is Using – WPMU.org

Noteworthy:  Inquiring minds want to know!

Have you ever come across a website that just totally knocked the socks of your feet?  Okay, maybe not the socks of your feet, but how about a website that was so pretty to look at that it made you wonder which theme the developer used to create it?   If this is you, then stay tuned because this next article link will help you get that type of information.   I have to admit,  I had many moments when I wondered about this stuff too, but had zero idea how to go about it.  Because this can become a daunting task for some, I wanted to share an awesome article written by Sarah Gooding, at WPMU.org that gives you the tips on how you too can find out which theme your favorite site may be using.   Click on the link below for details.  Enjoy!

Daily Tip: How to Find Out What WordPress Theme a Site is Using – WPMU.org.

How to boost your MacBook Pro performance | ZDNet

Noteworthy: If you happen to own a Macbook Pro product and feel as though your lap top is sluggish at times, especially if you’re running several softwares like Adobe.  Take a look at possible options you can use to speed up your computer.  Click the link below to get the details.

Article: How to boost your MacBook Pro performance

Article credit: ZDNet.com

How to boost your MacBook Pro performance | ZDNet.

How to Record Your Screen with QuickTime Player | Mac|Life


For Mac Users: QuickTime Player Creating Tutorials

How to Record Your Screen with QuickTime Player | Mac|Life.

Tutorial Noteworthy:  I have been recently researching different ways to easily record my own tutorials and publish to the web.   To my surprise, I found this great article via maclife.com covering the “ins & outs” of Mac’s QuickTime Player.  A feature I have, but never used until now…

Bottom line, if you’re a mac user you probably have QuickTime Player already installed.  The best part is you do not have to look much further to create your very own tutorials.  QuickTime Player allows you to create it for free right from your Mac!

Visit the link provided here for this tutorial, it shows you how to also set up your QuickTime Player for tutorial purposes.

Article Credit: http://www.maclife.com

Posted by: Cory Bohon | 07/11/2012

UI Design Tips by Michael Locke | Web Design Videos

As I work on my business identity for my school project, I came across some really neat tutorials regarding fonts, logos, etc.  But what really caught my eyes was this guy by the name of “Michael Locke”.  He’s a UI Designer/Web Designer with over five years working in the field.  What I liked about Michael and found super helpful is his ability to offer industry tips and advice that is clear and to the point.  You can sense that his advice comes from experience and to me is the missing pieces of tips that I’ve needed to link the Web Design puzzle together.  He goes over tips on keeping Web Design simple, logos simple, to tips on applying for jobs, how to build the right type of portfolio, etc.  I wanted to share his link for those of you that are in a similar place like myself new to the Web Design and Development field, still learning and trying to put the links together.  Look him up because in my opinion, he provides those missing links.

Video credit: Michael Locke of http://www.mlwebco.com

Click on Link:

Meet Michael Locke | Web Designer

Michael Locke Videos | Web Design Videos.

Noteworthy: Photoshop CS6 | 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know


Photoshop CS6 New Features & Changes

Noteworthy:  Tutorial reviewing 27 New Features and Changes you need to know about Photoshop CS6.  One of the neat features is going over brushes and more… exciting stuff.  Click on link below.

Page 2 | Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know | General/Basics.

Article Credit: Denny Tang | April 29, 2012 | Photoshop Tutorials