is Running the Best Designer Contests!

If you’re a designer, or even photographer you can participate in designers contests.  I’m writing about this for two reasons.

1. I want to ask you for your support and vote!  I have submitted one of my images for the Wall Art contest.  The link to my art is below, please click on it and vote for my work!

2. I wanted to share the good news with all of you.  By that, I mean you as the designer entering your work to the Minted contests.

At the very least, browse the site and take a look at their designs even if you do not submit for the contest, you can certainly get inspired from other beautiful designs.

Now, go vote for my art!  Thanks;)

Click on this link:


Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards

Pinterest Secret Boards

Finally, Pinterest is rolling out “Secret Boards”.  That means you can now keep a private board filled with pins of all the goodies you love and with it, you’ll have the option to opt for privacy.  No one, but you will be able to see your “secret board(s)”.  Totally awesome!  I heard it via Mashable social media, check out their link below.

Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards.