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How to Point Your Domain Name to Third Party Web Hosting Server

You already registered a domain name with company A but just bought or going to buy a web hosting service from company B. But you don’t want to incur extra cost by transferring your domain name from company A to company B. So, what you can do to save cost but yet still get to connect your domain name (any kind of extension including to the web host is to change DNS (domain name servers), or what most people called “pointing domain name to web space”.

Don’t worry, this is no difficult task, even an 8-year-old can do, so long as you follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 — Get the Domain Name Servers (DNS)

Let’s say you got your domain name registered with Company A, and you had just purchased a third party web hosting service package (including web space, of course) from Company B.

Now, to point your domain name from Company A to Company B’s server, you must first get to know the name servers of Company B which usually look something like this:

Domain name servers (DNS) in pair

Name servers typically come in pairs in case there is a failure with one of them. As such, most hosting systems require you to enter at least 2 name servers as a safety measure. You can easily find this DNS pair in your web hosting account. If not, you can check with Company B’s customer support via email, phone or live chat (if any).

Step 2 — Change Your Domain Name Server (DNS) Setting

Once you grab hold of that DNS data (of Company B), next, log into your domain account residing in Company A and then access the domain control panel to edit the name servers in there.

Let’s say you have 2 registered domain names in Company A, and is what you would want it to point to the new web space (in this example, Company B’s web server), then just select to modify its name servers.

You might see more than 2 fields for nameservers in your domain control panel. Theoretically, the more name servers you enter, the more safety nets your site has, but entering the first two mandatory nameservers are more than enough to protect your site against unexpected server failure.

After entering the 1st and 2nd name servers, save the settings. That’s it. DNS change done.

Changes to the DNS setting may take an average of up to 48 hours to propagate and become effective. If your domain name has not settled down on the new webspace after 2 days, quickly contact your new hosting company about it.

What If You Want to Point 2 or More Domain Names to the Same Website?

Let’s say you want 2 domain names to direct your online visitors to the same website, now in this scenario, you need not edit the name servers for all 2 domain names. You only need to do for one domain name which is the primary name for your website. As for the other domain name, all you need to do is just set a 301 or 302 redirection and forward it to that primary domain name.

For example, you have set the DNS for to point to your website. Then you have which you also want to point to the same website. Go to your domain control panel for and set it to forward to Done.

If you wish to temporarily forward to until you have come up with a great idea on what kind of website you should build for, then set the [Redirect type] to “302 Moved Temporarily”.



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