is Running the Best Designer Contests!

If you’re a designer, or even photographer you can participate in designers contests.  I’m writing about this for two reasons.

1. I want to ask you for your support and vote!  I have submitted one of my images for the Wall Art contest.  The link to my art is below, please click on it and vote for my work!

2. I wanted to share the good news with all of you.  By that, I mean you as the designer entering your work to the Minted contests.

At the very least, browse the site and take a look at their designs even if you do not submit for the contest, you can certainly get inspired from other beautiful designs.

Now, go vote for my art!  Thanks;)

Click on this link:


Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards

Pinterest Secret Boards

Finally, Pinterest is rolling out “Secret Boards”.  That means you can now keep a private board filled with pins of all the goodies you love and with it, you’ll have the option to opt for privacy.  No one, but you will be able to see your “secret board(s)”.  Totally awesome!  I heard it via Mashable social media, check out their link below.

Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards.

Daily Tip: How to Find Out What WordPress Theme a Site is Using –

Noteworthy:  Inquiring minds want to know!

Have you ever come across a website that just totally knocked the socks of your feet?  Okay, maybe not the socks of your feet, but how about a website that was so pretty to look at that it made you wonder which theme the developer used to create it?   If this is you, then stay tuned because this next article link will help you get that type of information.   I have to admit,  I had many moments when I wondered about this stuff too, but had zero idea how to go about it.  Because this can become a daunting task for some, I wanted to share an awesome article written by Sarah Gooding, at that gives you the tips on how you too can find out which theme your favorite site may be using.   Click on the link below for details.  Enjoy!

Daily Tip: How to Find Out What WordPress Theme a Site is Using –

School Project: What is File Compression?

What is File Compression?
File Compression is a software that uses a combination of dictionary words, numbers, and patterns through an algorithm that picks up repeated content within any file to reduce it half of its original size.  By reducing the file size in half or less, file compression basically re-wraps half of the important content of that file in what is called a “zip file”, in other words a compressed zip format.  This type of compression can be done with any type of file text, images, or graphics.  Most computers now come prepackaged with a default file compression software that allows you to zip any file.

The benefit of using file compression is that by reducing your file to half its original size, you are using fewer bits, bytes to travel via the net.  In other words, it takes less time to send to its destination and in some instances some networks limit the file size you can send via the internet, which means that by using a zip format you can then still manage to send your large file.  With having the ability to compress a file, you also have the ability to open a zip file and decompress it back to its original state.  This is a great way to send several files that normally would take up a lot of width band, but using a file compressing software like Zip it, WinZap, and there’s several others out there will allow you to send large files in less than 5 MB, or even less depending on what it is.  Tom Harris, wrote an article explaining in much details the break down of how a file compression works and it’s algorithm.  Here’s the link to that article for in-depth description of file compression,

How to boost your MacBook Pro performance | ZDNet

Noteworthy: If you happen to own a Macbook Pro product and feel as though your lap top is sluggish at times, especially if you’re running several softwares like Adobe.  Take a look at possible options you can use to speed up your computer.  Click the link below to get the details.

Article: How to boost your MacBook Pro performance

Article credit:

How to boost your MacBook Pro performance | ZDNet.