“What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces | Smashing Magazine

“What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces | Smashing Magazine.

If you find yourself wondering what type of font to use and you’re just starting out in the Web Design world, then this is a must read.  It goes over the basics and lists the differences in the most commonly used fonts within the design community.  At the very least, keep this as a reference article in the event you forget what type is for what and so on.

What Font Should I Use?

Article credit: Dan Mayer | December 14, 2010 | Smashing Magazine


UI Design Tips by Michael Locke | Web Design Videos

As I work on my business identity for my school project, I came across some really neat tutorials regarding fonts, logos, etc.  But what really caught my eyes was this guy by the name of “Michael Locke”.  He’s a UI Designer/Web Designer with over five years working in the field.  What I liked about Michael and found super helpful is his ability to offer industry tips and advice that is clear and to the point.  You can sense that his advice comes from experience and to me is the missing pieces of tips that I’ve needed to link the Web Design puzzle together.  He goes over tips on keeping Web Design simple, logos simple, to tips on applying for jobs, how to build the right type of portfolio, etc.  I wanted to share his link for those of you that are in a similar place like myself new to the Web Design and Development field, still learning and trying to put the links together.  Look him up because in my opinion, he provides those missing links.

Video credit: Michael Locke of http://www.mlwebco.com

Click on Link:

Meet Michael Locke | Web Designer

Michael Locke Videos | Web Design Videos.

Noteworthy: Web page size and layout

Noteworthy:  A Website Design “must read” article.  Now that I’m at the beginning stages of starting my first “Website Page Design and Layout” class project, I find myself still a bit clueless.  Somehow, I’m capable of designing, but it’s like part of my brain cannot link the basics of a website page layout….dunno!  So to get myself started I did a little “google research” and came across this pretty awesome article by Iteracy, Ltd.  This article discusses all the missing links such as page sizing, and it’s anatomy.  Click the link below.

Web page size and layout : Iteracy – Web Designers Cornwall

Credit: Iteracy, Ltd.