Noteworthy: Photoshop CS6 | 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know


Photoshop CS6 New Features & Changes

Noteworthy:  Tutorial reviewing 27 New Features and Changes you need to know about Photoshop CS6.  One of the neat features is going over brushes and more… exciting stuff.  Click on link below.

Page 2 | Switching To Photoshop CS6? 27 New Features and Changes You Need to Know | General/Basics.

Article Credit: Denny Tang | April 29, 2012 | Photoshop Tutorials



Featuring: Class Thumbnail | Web Dev | Designed by Cindy J Bryant

As part of my Web Development and Design “Photoshop” course portion I had to design a thumbnail 276px by 100 px, 72dpi and post to our class blog.  Let me just add that I re-designed this little thumbnail approximately 15 times- not kidding you!  I just couldn’t get my head wrapped around a set design concept, ultimately blocking my creativity.  Anyway, I just decided to stop being so hard on myself and just go with it….so after many sleepless nights here’s to featuring my very own 1st thumbnail.  For the Thumbnail design I used several methods for this final result {Textures, Vector Shapes, Brushes, Styles, Blends, and well the list goes on and on}….

Featuring: Class Thumbnail 

Image276 px by 100 px | 72 dpi

How to Register Your Photos with the U.S. Copyright Office | Chris Martino/blog

Noteworthy:  If you’re a photographer, or artist making original images or work from scratch this is the MUST read article and step-by-step on how to properly protect your images and/or work through the US copyright office.  Just because you are the originator of your image or work and it is copyright work, it does not mean that your work is automatically registered and/or protected through the US Copyright office.  Stealing anyone’s work from images to music or anything that isn’t your original work is stealing and it’s a Federal Offense. Here’s a very useful and educational article and link to help you get started on how to register your work with the US copyright office.

Link:  How to Register Your Photos with the U.S. Copyright Office | Chris Martino/blog.

Article credit:  Chris Martino/blog

WordPress Basics for Photographers: Part One

Noteworthy:  As a photographer myself, and now a student in Web Design and Development I’m still learning aspects of design and looking forward to digging into the developmental coding side of the web.  I’m not quite there yet, but on my way.

A friend-photographer forwarded me this wonderful article post that gives details on the basic needs of selecting the right type of web templates, why WP templates are ideal for browser related reasons, and just simple steps to getting anyone started in this process.   I found it to be helpful and educational, and plan to use it as a guide for myself, hopefully  you will find some use in it for your designing needs.  “Click on link below my work of art image.”

Article Credit: Wizwow on Apr 4, 2012 in Going Pro, LE News and Info

Image/Photographer Credit: ©2012 Cindy Bryant

WordPress Basics for Photographers: Part One

WordPress Basics for Photographers: Part One.